Billu, the travelling elf

Big life update guys: I got spayed! It was 2 weeks ago, or maybe a month ago, or yesterday? I can't tell. Anyway, I got spayed. It was hard. I couldn't walk and the humans didn't let me leave the house. And did I tell you about the cone? Cone sucks!!! Human now threatens me with the cone. I will eat her one day. 😾

Regretting the day I met these retched humans.

Anyway, I got spayed and was afraid to go out so my human decided to take me to a public park. I had gone with the humans before but there were way too many of them for me to actually have fun.

#Throwback | This is my blanket but where is my house?
#Throwback | This human was nice and needy. How can you like me when i don't even know you?
#Throwback | Stupid human likes Sunder Nursery too much.

But this time, it was just three humans and an enemy. πŸ™€

Yep, my human is an idiot.

I explored, ate, sunbathed & even pooped. 😻

Can I replace Indiana Jones now?
I pooped here.
Yes, I pooped on him too. He is thankful there was a blanket between us.

My human was running around with the enemy like the idiot she is.

The enemy. (

I was about to kill him but the human managed to thwart my attack. Rest easy for now, enemy. 😼

But after that day, I realised I don't hate travelling and meeting humans. Most car trips lead to the evil doctor with the syringe but some lead to a park where I can poop.

Okay, sleeping now. Until next time. ✌️


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