Billu, the free elf: Stray & proud

Hi, I am Billu. I met my humans in January 2019. I was barely two-weeks-old and was always hungry. 

Billu and her dad.

I was my humans' first cat, I could tell. I wasn't sure about them because they looked like a dog-obsessed family (ew) but I decided to give them a shot. 

They cleaned me up. Fed me every time I wailed and gave me lots of scratches. Life was good. 

I was a good baby. I learnt how to hunt soon. I used to protect my humans from rats and lizards. But since no good deed goes unpunished, they used to freak out on me instead. 

Graphic image alert.

Sigh, I don't get humans. I had to eventually stop bringing them my trophies.  

I did make a few friends but realised soon I am a loner.  

Humans were great butlers but I was old enough. I decided to start exploring the world. People are fickle that way, they want you to be a grown-up but won't let you go. I never liked staying inside the house. I was an independent cat, who needed no man. 

I moved away but used to visit every day. Free elves also get lonely. 

I got busy with life and the visits became rare. But the humans were always glad to see me alive and fed me everything they could. I always left feeling good about the fact that they were still obsessed with me. 

But like everyone else, 2020 came for me.

I got really sick and couldn't visit humans for months. When I finally saw them again, I was dehydrated and a sack of bones. Humans took me to the vet. I weighed 2 kgs and badly needed food and rest. 

Billu on the way to the vet.
Billu getting a blood test done.

I have not fully recovered. My stomach issue keeps relapsing but we are taking it one step at a time. Meanwhile, I continue to enjoy food, pets and sunbathing. 

Billu in her winter house.

I am still the same independent cat who needs no man. But I also enjoy winter night snuggles. <3

Stay tuned for my shenanigans.

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